Master Silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, is available to cut silhouettes for you, your loved ones, including children, spouses, and pets.

Cindi Harwood Rose is available to appear in person at your fundraiser event!

Cindi Rose can also help your fundraising efforts by mail. All that is required is to simply mail or email photos of the paper portraits you would like to Cindi.

Raise money for your school, church or charity!

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Cindi Harwood Rose designs remarkable black and white silhouettes made from paper.

1. Contact Cindi at and let her know youd like to do a fundraiser. Please include the date and location of your event.

2. Send home the order form with each child, giving about 2 weeks for order forms to be filled out and returned with payment.
How to do a fundraiser event with Cindi - general instructions
For a Mail In Fundraiser Day with Cindi:
Mail or email all order forms with coinciding right profile photos of each child wishing to have their portrait done. Be sure that each child's photo is clearly identified. Cindi will then work from the photos, and mail back the silhouettes to you within 3-4 weeks time.
For an In-Person Silhouette Fundraiser Day with Cindi:
Cindi will come to your school or church and cut silhouettes for those with order forms and payment ready. Children will pose for one minute for Cindi, and she will snip their silhouettes in a snap!