Stars and Presidents create silhouettes of Giving

How often does a talented artist or actress donate their heart and talents to charity, and worthy causes. In the case of “American Hero” Cindi Harwood Rose, quite often, and of many famous movie stars and Presidents in the name of great worthy causes.

Here are just a couple of international silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose’s famous silhouettes: Patricia Arquette and Ashley Judd, made for saving Haiti, and for saving sexually abused children. Cindi Rose, has silhouetted other famous people such as Elvis Pressley (to save Rock’nRoll), Elvis Costello (for the Houston symphony), Tony Bennet (musical instruments for young musicians), Queen Elizabeth (for England), Muhamed Ali (for scholarships for teens who are interested in boxing), Golda Mier (for Women in Communication) and Barbara Bush (Friends of Nursing). C. Harwood-Rose began cutting silhouettes at nearly 16, an art that was natural for her, and not taught to her, in the freehand way—of looking at a subject and cutting.

For more information look at and videos on YouTube. To order a silhouette by Cindi Rose to benefit cancer survivors log onto to donate to the HollyRoseRibbonFoundation.




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Cindi Harwood Rose cuts Ashley Judds' silhouette!.
and the silhouette is finished!
silhouette art!